What Is Mutual Trust? July 25 , 2020

Our company dealed a big order with a new client recently, our boss said that we never meet this client, but he is really very kind man who is also a very trusty person.

This new client, who gave us a test order in July last year on snowboard boot backpack, the boot bag backpack based on our old model, and he added something new designs on it, the boot backpack became a new style backpack in the market. “I don't know his test order is a big test order, I just want to treat this new client as a big client, we should give every client equal and good attitude, we just need to do everything carefully, every detail, every detail for the sake of customers, how to save money for customers, and actively put forward our own suggestions. We are not afraid that there will be no customers and no new orders.” our boss recalled.

We was very focus on the quality, the details and stitching on the snowboard boot backpack in last year. The proverb says keep thy shop and thy shop will keep thee, finally, the new client sold his boot backpack very good.

In his plan, he wants to come to China and visit our factory in March, but as you know, the epidemic impacts too much. In this month, he made the big order, not only re-ordered his boot backpack, but also added his new designer padded ski bag, unpadded ski travel bag and simple snowboard boot bag, all of them with big quantities before he received our samples.


Why he can give us a big order without face to face meet up? I think there are 3 main points as following:

First, I think our boss played a decisive role in this matter. Because his attitude, honesty and positive energy always around him, we can feel these energy in our normal working and life. So the client trust him, but I think the most important thing is our boss is a professional on doing these ski gear bags and snowboard boot bags with many years’ experience. He can help our clients to grow up fast on their ski bags’ products. So attitude is the first thing in business.

Second, “honesty casts quality, quality wins market”, this is our enterprise culture. Our company very focus on quality. Have you ever seen a boss always inspected the goods one by one in personally in the workshop? Our boss always did!

Third, communication and service. Communication is not only in order to solve the questions which clients have, but also is the best service way. Communication is the bridge of service, only by further communication can we know where the problem lies. “The essence of business is communication between people.” Our boss often emphasizes his word.

In a word, the trust comes from the attitude on things, honesty and communication.

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